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Gotham by Gaslight

A lovely front cover (notice Mike Mignola’s name at the bottom) that’s reminiscent of Jack the Ripper and Victorian London. A wonderful idea – “Gotham by Gaslight”.




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Another beautiful, haunting image from Gotham

I’m heading off to catch some sleep now. For my parting post, here’s the cover artwork from #800 of Batman: Detective Comics, inspired by the story ‘Alone at Night’, I believe. There’s a bit of Frank Miller to this, in my opinion, but if so – only as subtle homage as this is by Jock. As for the artwork, I’ll let it speak for itself:

Is this Sparta?

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The many faces of Batman…

Great overview (non-comprehensive) of the many faces of Batman, over the years/genres:

Batman's Varied Visages

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Silly Batman face…

I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself. The child in me loves the I can haz chzbrgr? and Demotivational Posters culture. When I saw this, I laughed out loud. It’s quite puerile and childish, but still…

Would have been better with the prefix 'Bat-'...

I’m ashamed to say that I don’t know for sure from which film this cropped still is taken. I reckon it’s one of the fake batmen from the beginning of The Dark Knight. A big part of me wants it to be Michael Keaton from the 1989/1992 films directed by Burton (don’t know why)… If you know for sure, please drop me a line or comment below!

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Batman Artwork comparison

So it’s an infamous series, outside of the canonised DC universe, but the cover artwork (Jim Lee) from the All Star Batman and Robin the boy Wonder is strikingly powerful. I thought I would show it here in it’s pencilled and coloured versions:

Click on the picture to enlarge

Pencil | Ink

Beautiful. A strong, nearly sci-fi Gotham recalling the original more sci-fi aspects of Batman.

Robin is a character I’ve always tolerated, really. So, some of the other cover variants are less appealing to me:

Variation 1

And the weird merge was actually annoying:


which naturally resulted in some parodying:

Robin the baby Wonder?

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Kicking off…

Hi, welcome to my blog. I’ve thought about doing one for quite a while, and looked around on the internet at various points. I’ve never really been satisfied with what’s been on offer though. Having it used it before (for a website), don’t know why I didn’t think of WordPress then!

My girlfriend Kayleigh-Heaven started using WordPress for a blog that I’m not allowed to see, additionally, and that was the final kick for me to decide to do it. Not sure how often I’ll do update it though, given how many social media outlets there are already…

Watch this space :)

I’m just trying things out at the moment, so apologies for a lack of corporate identity or general presentation. Still getting a feel… ! You might notice that I’ve already created a couple of categories for these posts, and one such category is ‘Batman’; as I’m a huge fan of the character. I plan on expanding my knowledge (which is currently at level: reasonable) over the coming months so I’ll try to report on that expansion here. By no means do I profess to be an expert, but it’s an area of pop-culture and postmodern art with which I am truly fascinated, so I predict it’ll feature fairly regularly in my blog.

Thanks for reading, Matt.

Film Noir meets Art Deco meets Bruce Timm

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